The Bubbles From Outer Space

The Bubbles From Outer Space is a game that has gone through several variations, and even platforms, over the years. It started off on DOS in BASICA, and that code migrated to QuickBASIC (back before QBASIC was a thing). It was entertaining to make because the game play was simple, but the simple "AI" made the bubbles seem smarter than they were. There is a Unity-based version dribbling out of the pipeline slowly, as I try to wrangle with myself in the Eternal Struggle between what I can do, and what I will do. And unknown unknowns.

A "recent" remake was done on the Arduino-compatible Meggy Jr (designed by the fine folks of Evil Mad Scientist). Reducing the game to an 8x8 grid of LEDs was an interesting exercise, and I think I managed to keep the basic game intact, and even fun. Trying to make games with 64 pixels total is pretty challenging, and if you have any interest in soldering or the Arduino platform, I recommend it highly.