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Who are you?

My name is Karl Goodloe, a haphazard maker of haphazard things. I've been a programmer since the mid 80s, starting with an inherited Sinclair ZX-81 my uncle built from a kit, and a Texas Instruments TI-99/4A my aunt used while working for TI. Over the years I've done such atrocities as Inventory Control in Professional BASIC and numerous offenses in xBase databases (mostly Clipper and FoxBase). There's also the QuickBASIC arcade game (think Missile Command, with soap bubbles) that I taught to play itself for the demo mode, because it was easier than recording actual game play. I've made a time-sharing, two-player "over-the-modem" game in BASIC-A, which is even worse than it sounds.

More recently (much more recently) I've been working with Unity, C# and Blender, doing various fiddly bits as I entertain myself when nobody is looking. Which begs the question: When is there anybody looking?

What is this place?

This is where I'll keep my projects, past, present and future, for accountability, reference and updates. As I work on various projects, they may become available in places like itch.io or on the Unity Asset Store . I've done less with Unreal and CryEngine (if you don't count playing games other people made) but if any of my work is transferable, they may find themselves there too, as time and energy present themselves.